Who can qualify as a buyer?
Anyone who can qualify for a mortgage, including taxes and condo fees.

Is the program accessible to first time home buyers only?
No, you can own a property or have owned properties in the past.

Who has buying priority?
The first person who arrives at the sales office

Can I make an appointment with a sales representative?
Yes, by calling us: 514.216.9766 or by visiting the project’s web site.

What do I have to do in order to buy a unit?
Go to the sales office, pay $1,000 to reserve your unit and qualify for a mortgage with the project’s financial institution.

Is there a new house warranty (Garantie Maison Neuve)?
Yes, the condominium is guaranteed by Qualité Habitation, the sales representative will hand you the documentation at the sales office.

Can I add options to my unit?
The only options available are the ones offered by the project’s developer.

Are the options eligible to the Property Access program?
Only the condominium is eligible, but the options are eligible to the mortgage financing.

Can I use a part of my RRSP for my purchase?
Yes, the Home Buyer’s Plan (HBP) allows you to use up to $25,000 of your RRSP for your purchase.




Am I free to sell my property at any time?
Absolutely free

Are the prices negotiable?
No, because they are already very affordable.

Are parking spaces included?
Each project is different; you have to contact the sales representative.

How is the capital gain calculated?
The capital gain is the difference between the purchase price and the resale price.

If there is no resale of the condominium when the buyer decides to repay his purchase credit, the capital gain would be the difference between the purchase price and the market value of the unit at the moment of repayment. The condominium’s market value would be established by a certified appraiser, chosen by Property Access.

Do I pay interest on the 10% purchase credit?
You pay no capital or interest on the purchase credit that is registered in the second mortgage as long as you live in the condominium. You make no payment as long as you remain homeowner.

Do I have to finance my mortgage with the project’s financial institution?
Only the project’s financial institution is accredited for mortgage security. You benefit from low rates with the project’s financial institution 

Can I repay the second mortgage at any time?
Yes, but you also have to repay 10% of the capital gain.