This program is simple, efficient and accessible to everyone. The developer-builder sells a dwelling unit in condominium at affordable price. The buyer benefits from the Property Access program. The buyer’s down payment is minimal, only $1,000.

Under the Property Access program, the developer gives the buyer a 10% purchase credit. This credit is considered by the banking institutions as a down payment. Therefore, the buyer does not have to spend that amount. A second mortgage is taken on the dwelling unit to avoid speculation.



The buyer pays no interest and no return of capital until the moment where he has to repay the purchase credit plus 10% of the dwelling unit’s capital gain.

The purchase credit and the capital gain have to be repaid under these circumstances:

  • The end of the original amortization period of the first mortgage
  • The increase of the first mortgage
  • The unit is rented out.
  • The unit is sold.
  • The unit is transferred.

The capital gain is established by the difference between the unit’s purchase price and resale price or by a market value evaluation done by a certified appraiser at the time of repayment.

The conditions that are set when a dwelling unit is purchased under this program are simple. The potential buyer has to:

  • Have the legal capacity to transact in Canada
  • Make a $1,000 deposit to reserve a dwelling unit. This amount will be considered as a down payment and will not be refunded if the buyer withdraws without valid reason.
  • Be able to qualify for a first mortgage and to pay municipal and school taxes according to the municipal legislation in force.
  • Purchase insurance in case of disaster
  • The buyer must pay the condo fees and comply with the rules and regulations of the condominium.